The Counseling Center's New Campus: FAQ's

A 3-D model of the new TCC Campus

Download the Press Release here.

Q. What is the construction timeline?

A.The Counseling Center will begin construction on the former Mitchellace building in early 2022 and plans to offer portions of its client services at the campus in late 2023.

Q. Who is designing the project?

A. There are local and Columbus, Ohio-based designers, architects, and engineers working on this project.

Q. What will happen to the properties The Counseling Center currently owns or rents?

A. Some of the properties will re-enter the market; others will continue to be owned or rented by The Counseling Center.

Q. How many jobs will this project create during construction?

A. The redevelopment project will create several hundred jobs for local labor unions and vendors during the multi-year construction phase.

Q. How does this project benefit our city and region?

A. The Counseling Center currently employs over 400 people, and the new campus will bring an additional 100 jobs. The campus will increase The Counseling Center's capacity to provide clients services by more than 40%.

Q. Why did The Counseling Center choose the East End neighborhood for their new campus?

A. The Counseling Center is excited to establish its new campus in the East End neighborhood of Portsmouth, Ohio. The former Mitchellace Building has been portrayed in the media as a symbol of despair. Through our redevelopment efforts, it will now be a beacon of hope for the neighborhood, city, region, and beyond!

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