The Business of Mental Healthcare

Thought & practice leadership in the business of mental healthcare.

10 Ways Loved Ones Can Help

The pain and suffering of addiction are not limited to the person abusing substances. Loved Ones share a tremendous burden as well.

The Counseling Center's New Campus: FAQ's

Answering FAQ's about The Counseling Center's new campus in the East End neighborhood of Portsmouth, Ohio.

So, what’s your new year’s resolution?

We don’t have to let a bad day turn into a bad week, month, or turn into us throwing the entire year away (I’m looking at you, 2020.)

Our Stance on Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

This wide array of beliefs opens the door to the discussion about how MAT is being used or not used to support recovery.

Creative Expression as a Conduit to Healing

The creative process is not just found on a canvas, it is an endless list: found in cooking, singing alone in your car, in lifting weights, how we solve problems, arranging flowers, playing an instrument, dancing, and in tending to a garden.

Recovery and the Holidays: Pro Tips with David Palumbo

In life and recovery, many times, things don't always go as we hoped. Being able to see trouble before it happens and being able to adjust your plans to place yourself in the best situation is a must for sustaining recovery.

Faces of TCC: Mychael

I wanted to be like the people that I came to when I was having a crisis.[...] I wanted to be that person for those girls too.

The Faces of TCC: Justin

I was actually offered a job by the same branch of The Counseling Center that I went through. I'm the first person to ever go through that program to get rehired.

The Faces of TCC: Pamela

An interview with Pamela Black, Alumni of The Counseling Center

The Success Center at The Counseling Center

A large number of people were not raised in environments where these ideas are taught or experienced during their upbringing.

Commemorating the 2 year anniversary of CrossFit services @ HAWC

Don’t get me wrong – something is better than nothing… especially when you’re talking about movement. BUT CrossFit offers some benefits that get left out in the cold in the traditional gym space.

Avoiding Somnolence in Recovery and in Life

If we are not careful we continue to avoid our emotions and seek somnolence - in a glass bottle; a pill bottle; or a bag.
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